Is your team scrambled eggs or an omelet?

When making an omelet, you definitely need eggs (it’s the key ingredient, right?).  You also need a stovetop, a pan, oil, and any preferred ingredients like pepper, salt, cheese, peppers, etc. 

It’s not a technically an omelet without all those other ingredients…

It can’t be cooked without heat…

And a pan puts it all together…

You need all these things, or you just end up with scrambled eggs. 

While eggs are the main ingredient, the other ingredients are pretty indispensable in the process (if you truly have your heart set on an omelet). 

I’m going to use this same analogy when it comes to a company structure. Let’s think of different talents on your team like different “ingredients”.

Different talents are needed in a company to make the business “work”. Just like different ingredients are needed to make a proper omelet. Each ingredient has a “job” just like each person on your team has a “job”. 

For example, the marketing director on a team has a completely different set of job responsibilities and skill sets than say an implementation or project manager does.  

All these different team members (each with their unique set of abilities), are the ingredients, and therefore become crucial to the company’s sustainability and growth. 

Oftentimes, Entrepreneurs don’t hire the right talent for their teams (which can be just as dangerous as missing the right talent for their teams).

Not hiring the right talent can be the result of many actions (or inactions). 

Let’s concentrate on one of the biggest right now, which is the lack of clarity on exactly who and what is needed. 

Entrepreneurs are usually 100% clear on the problem they need to solve (example: convert more sales, higher ROI on marketing, implementation, etc.). But what’s not clear are the qualifications, skill set, and experience to look for in the candidates they need to attract. 

Are they qualified? 

Do they have the skillset? 

Do they have the experience (have they done it before?)

All of these questions must be addressed when qualifying candidates for any position in your company. 

Since most aren’t clear on the “who” or  “what”, they don’t know how to properly qualify that person for the particular role. 

By overlooking this vital step, they end up hiring a “generalist” not a “specialist”

When they aren’t clear on what exactly they need, they also gravitate to individuals that have similar characteristics to themselves. 

Let me give you an example… 

Entrepreneurs are drawn to people like themselves (people who possess a burning passion and people who love to generate ideas just like they do). 

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s incredibly invaluable for your team members’ ideas and passion to align with yours. In fact, that means you’re all on the same page and you don’t need to do a lot of work aligning them into your mission and long term goals.

Here is the challenge though with hiring people with ONLY your similar strengths, and tell me if this sounds familiar… 

During company meetings, everyone of these team members bring ideas to the table. 

Amazing ideas! 

Brilliant suggestions that could transform your business into a billion dollar venture. 

You all keep the excitement going and continue ideating and brainstorming about all the great things you can and will do.  

But you know what happens next…

No execution. 

Those amazing ideas live there on paper (or on a recording) just waiting to be implemented… 9 times out of 10, those ideas will never see the light of day.  

That’s because when you have an entire team of idea generators and visionaries, and no one to implement and project manage all those ideas, that’s all they are… Ideas. 

Unfortunately, the vicious cycle continues, and the business doesn’t move an inch forward.  

You then start to question the ability of your team…You might wonder what’s wrong with them… Why can’t they get these great ideas implemented?! 

You may have hired passionate individuals, but you didn’t hire them correctly for the roles you REALLY need to fill in order to make things happen and get things done.  

That perfect “omelet” results from adding all the proper ingredients.  Every hire you make for your team needs to be a specialist in a particular area you NEED in your business in order to scale it and propel it forward. 

Part of our rigorous qualification process here at Nitrogen Hiring Network includes using a tool called Predictive Index. 

This superior tool is incredible for evaluating the cognitive abilities, and behavioral tendencies of each and every candidate, to determine if they could be the right fit for each specific role.

If one understands the “what” and the “who” of a specific role, the predictive index will help them measure applicants’ behavioral drives (dominance, formality, extraversion and patience) with incredible accuracy.

Again, it’s just one parameter we use in our qualification process for candidates, as it scores candidates against the range of behaviors and cognitive abilities needed for the role we create in the system.

For example, a media buyer you hire needs to be well versed in all aspects of executing high profile and complex paid social media campaigns on multiple networks. They need to understand analytics, and be able to make data driven decisions based on that data they are given. They also need to understand how to address the particular needs and desires of customer groups and cater to them by developing effective strategies.

Other parts of our qualification process include multiple interviews (skill set and culture fit), exercises to evaluate experience and skill set, and a slew of additional “Hoops” each candidate must jump through in order to avoid being disqualified. 

Yes, it’s a lot of work! But every single step is necessary if your goal is to build and grow a high-performing team that will get you to the next level in your business. It all begins with becoming crystal clear on the “who” and the “what”. 

It also means understanding and accepting you MUST hire people that have strengths in areas you don’t. 

That’s what makes an “omelet” team vs. a “scrambled” egg team. 

More next article…

To your success, 


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