Do you have a MUSTA marketing team?

MUSTA. Fancy acronym? 

Maybe the hot new thing? 

Not quite. It’s actually the opposite of that. 

When an Entrepreneur hires my team to help them scale their marketing and sales, the first thing we do is ask a lot of in depth questions about the product or service, the target avatar, current clients, and which marketing initiatives have worked for the company thus far. 

Sometimes clients actually know and can point us to data and dashboards to prove it.

A lot of times, though, the Entrepreneur says “My team said this worked well!” 

Then my team looks at the data.

Turns out, what they thought worked well, didn’t work at all. 

A MUSTA marketing team is a team that assumes when the sales were higher, the marketing MUSTA worked…

MUSTA marketing can create some short-term success, but ultimately they’re throwing marketing mud at the wall, hoping something (anything) sticks. Here’s where the challenge lies…

It’s not long-term or sustainable.

At some point, sales will reach a threshold, and the efforts on the marketing side won’t be able to sustain because you really do not know what worked.  

An invisible ceiling surfaces, and people scramble. Chaos begins, and sales and marketing teams point fingers at each other. Previous plans are questioned. Future plans are undoubtedly questioned. A few key people start looking for opportunities elsewhere.

This is the long-term side effect of MUSTA marketing. It just doesn’t work beyond a few good quarters and it certainly is not duplicable. 

Fun Fact: Did you know that human beings have created 90% of the world’s data in just the last decade? We’re almost making up new words now to describe how much data is stored on the planet. 

Data is everywhere. Some call it “the new oil” for its economic impact.

It is consistently surprising to me and my team, though, that a lot of mid-stage marketing teams and Entrepreneurs claim to embrace data, but don’t really review it or follow through. 

All the best processes now in sales and marketing start with data. Data is the core of everything: past client behavior, trends, actions, clicks, engagement with an email, etc. 


Or at least it should. 


Data can subsequently drive automated processes like…

  • Lead capture
  • Lead nurturing 
  • Lead scoring
  • Lead management
  • Drips
  • Workflows

The goal of an effective automated sales and marketing process is to read clients’ online body language, and figure out who should be contacted immediately, who should be phoned, who should be accelerated within automations, etc. 

Think of this like lead scoring with a heat index.

If you set up your lead scoring properly (more on that in a second), you achieve two main goals:

  1. You do MORE with less, and frankly you create a lot of sales and marketing productivity without even thinking about it.

2. You have Higher-Qualified Leads, leading to more conversions (and quicker sales)

Years ago, I met a guy at an event who sold online widgets. Pens. Cupholders. Mouse Pads. That type of stuff. He was making $2M/quarter. It was just him and his wife. I asked him how he did it, and he showed me a completely intricate web of marketing automation. If someone clicked this, they got this email. If they clicked that instead, they got a different email. 

It was visually overwhelming to look at, but it was working, and the company is still growing to this day. 

A lot of marketing teams don’t know how to set something like this up. It’s too complicated. It takes too much time. Other fires to put out take priority. Other meetings take precedence.

When you ignore the power of data and automation, you leave growth and revenue on the table. Automation done right also saves you money, but most importantly it saves your people time – they can be freed up to build relationships, and research the people they need to be in front of, while the processes hum along behind them.

As you know, an Entrepreneur’s biggest challenge AND biggest asset is TIME. If you can maximize time, you can maximize business returns. 

Some of us get in the weeds on projects, meetings, product design, launch, events, etc. 

All those things matter, for sure. But if you want be successful, you need to find time in other places – so that you can give time to new areas. 

The easiest way to find the time you need, and not get burnt out or completely inundated with tasks. Embrace thought out and proven sales and marketing automation.

Think of it as a well-oiled machine. The machine works along in the background, with periodic tweaks.

The machine delivers you the right, highly-qualified leads. 

Your team can really focus on relationship-building because they’ve had time to learn about these leads. As they start talking with the leads, more leads are coming through the pipeline. 

The “machine” continues to do what it’s supposed to do. 

This is a huge part of what my team does.

We help businesses attract more qualified leads, nurture them, then integrate proven and effective methods and systems to help convert these leads into paying clients.

That’s the biggest long-term advantage there is in business: Qualified leads, delivered consistently, with time freed up to focus on other areas that need focus. 

Time Savior + Revenue Generator

Automation done right has really helped so many Entrepreneurs over the years. 

I realize that sometimes automation gets a bum rap, and people will say to me, “Tech still comes off as a robot. It turns prospects OFF”.

Another one I hear, “It bombards my prospects with emails and push notifications, and they get annoyed. I’ll pass.”

That’s because they’ve experienced sales and marketing automation done wrong.

Everything is rooted in data and behavior patterns, and it flows from there. Every moving part of automation needs to be precisely set up and monitored. Testing is key. Continually improving is key. Evaluating every moving part will maximize efforts and optimize results. 

Turn your MUSTA marketing team into a high-performing team that gets you the results you know are attainable using data the right way.

We can help you get there if you want to dominate your industry. Simply reply back to this newsletter and we’ll set up a time to chat. 

To your success, 


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